15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (2024)

With over 75% of businesses prioritizing innovation, whiteboarding has become an invaluable tool for ideation, project management and product development. They enable teams of all sizes to seamlessly connect, collaborate and ideate anytime and anywhere.

We know the best work happens when teams collaborate seamlessly without limitations. So if you’re facing an innovation crisis or struggling to brainstorm and develop new ideas, whiteboarding can help fuel your next big idea.

Ready to take your team whiteboarding sessions to the next level? We’ve gathered 15 team whiteboard templates to help you visualize ideas and execute projects.

Table of Contents

  • 15 Types of Team Whiteboard Templates to Use
  • How To Prepare for a Virtual Whiteboarding Session
  • 9 Best Remote Team Whiteboarding Practices
  • 6 Virtual Whiteboarding Mistakes to Avoid
  • After Your Virtual Team Whiteboard Session
  • How to Use Visme for Your Next Team Whiteboard Session

15 Types of Team Whiteboard Templates to Use

When hosting collaborative sessions, templates are a huge saver. Here are some team whiteboarding templates to help you organize ideas and drive participation during whiteboarding sessions.

1. Product Mind Map Whiteboard Template

If you’re looking to build the next novel product for your market, this product mind map whiteboard template is the real deal. Product owners, designers, developers and QA/QC teams can use this template to visualize ideas about new products.

The template is fully customizable, so you can make as many adjustments as you need to suit your purpose. Customize it and brainstorm about product design, features, or anything product-related.

If you’ve got a large team, adjust the canvas or add multiple whiteboard slides to accommodate many ideas. Feel free to edit content and apply custom colors, fonts, logos and more.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (1)

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

2. Cybersecurity Flow Whiteboard Template

This whiteboard template is ideal for brainstorming in the tech niche. It captures the product features and pricing plan for a tech product. Product, sales and customer success teams can use this template during brainstorming meetings to:

  • Research and analyze competitor pricing model
  • Analyze and optimize their product pricing strategies
  • Brainstorm on product improvements and price adjustment

You can easily drag items around and leave comments as you communicate and collaborate with team members. As you proceed, you’ll see how different ideas come together.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (2)

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

3. Marketing Plan Whiteboard Template

Do you want to generate fresh sales and marketing ideas for your business? Gather ideas from your team and bring your marketing plan to life with this template. You can use it to ensure your next marketing campaign is a hit.

Notice how it outlines campaign goals, campaign channels and content type. When trying to improve your negotiation process, this template can help you ensure you capture all the important details. With this flowchart whiteboard template, you can:

  • Develop a negotiation flow and strategy that helps you close more deals
  • Study your sales and marketing processes for improvement
  • Brainstorm with your team to determine the best course of action
  • Train your sales team on the art of negotiation and deal closing

What makes this template stand out is that you can adapt it for a variety of purposes. All you need to do is change the text, shapes, symbols, colors and other design elements.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (3)

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5. Market Analysis Whiteboard Template

Market analysis is critical to the success of any business. With detailed market analysis, you can spot opportunities to increase your market share or achieve your business goals. This customizable market analysis whiteboard template can help your team collect and visualize data about your customers, competitors and industry.

The beautiful thing is that your team can create multiple whiteboards in one project. Collaborate with your teammates in real-time and edit the content to match your reality. Plus, you can track comments, reactions and changes in your content.

Beyond the content, you can tweak the colors, fonts and other design elements to match your branding.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (4)

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6. Ecommerce Website Flow

This whiteboard template has a simple layout with flowcharts that help you visualize the structure and wireframe of a website. Whether you’re building a new website or remodeling an existing one, this chart can help ensure there are no duplicate steps or nothing is left out.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (5)

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Want to add your own spin on this template? Add a creative touch using Visme’s built-in elements like high-quality vector icons, illustrations, stock images, data widgets and much more.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (6)

7. Team Workflow

Easily organize your project tasks, track progress and manage projects using this team workflow template. It highlights all the project phases, corresponding sprints and other finer details.

Project and development teams can use this whiteboard productivity layout to stay focused on their goals while executing projects of all sizes. It features a simple design layout with exciting colors and professional fonts. You can expand the canvas to cover more sprints and workflow for complex projects.

8. Payroll Process Flow

If you’re looking to streamline your payroll process, this team whiteboard template is the perfect pick. You can use this template to illustrate the process from start to finish, as well as identify areas for improvement.

The template features delightful colors, eye-catching vector icons and shapes. You can easily customize this template in Visme to match your brand style. Once done, you can share it with your team using a shareable link or export it in multiple formats like PDF, JPEG, PNG, or HTML.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (8)

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9. App User Story Whiteboard

Creating user stories is an incredible way to build a user-centric product. This productive app user story clearly describes how users will harness a productivity app and the goals they want to achieve. With this whiteboard template, product development teams (technical and non-technical members) can see things from the user’s perspective and create successful end products.

Feel free to switch things up by adding different bright colors, 3D icons and other interactive elements sourced from Visme’s library.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (9)

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10. Engineering Flow Whiteboard

Walk your team through your processes using this engineering whiteboarding template. It helps you break down complex information and collaborate with your team effectively and increase productivity.

Visme’s whiteboard templates for whiteboard design ideas are super easy to use. You can change the colors, fonts, shapes, lines and other elements with a few clicks to make them yours.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (10)

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11. Mind Map Boards

Mind maps are effective for capturing, organizing and mapping out ideas. Whether you’re hosting a brainstorming session or collaborative learning, this template can give you a boost. It features a wide range of beautiful icons, characters and shapes to help you express your ideas.

Brainstorm and share ideas with your teammates on your whiteboard in real-time. They can edit the project simultaneously, leave comments, reactions and much more.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (11)

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12. Five Whys Brainstorming Whiteboard Template

If you’re looking to uncover the root cause of a problem during brainstorming, the 5 Whys is an effective technique. You can use this creative whiteboard idea for troubleshooting, solving problems, process improvement and quality assurance.

Visme has everything you need to make your brainstorming or business whiteboard session a hit. You don’t need to be a pro to start using the tool. The whiteboarding features and controls are at your fingertips. Simply edit the content, apply custom colors and your design is good to go.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (12)

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13. User Journey Maps

With user journey maps like this one, you can map out how users interact with your product or service and what their goals are. Notice how the template clearly highlights the journey steps, actions, needs, pains and feelings of the customer.

Browse our rich library of 3+ million stock photos and beautiful videos to help beautify your whiteboard. Spice things up by adding unique characters, shapes and 3D graphics, all sourced from the Visme library.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (13)

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14. Kanban Boards

Kanban boards are a great option when it comes to an agile framework for planning and managing projects. Use this customizable template to visualize tasks, improve workflows and increase efficiency. The template splits the task in progress into categories like:

  • Backlog
  • High priority
  • Assigned
  • Up for review
  • Approval pending

Customize your whiteboard by adding different colored sticky notes, emojis, icons, arrows, images and animations from the Visme editor or by uploading your own.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (14)

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How to Prep for a Team Virtual Whiteboarding Session

Whiteboarding sessions can be a major avenue for generating innovative ideas for your business. But whiteboarding only works when you put in the work. So, you’ll have to prepare beforehand so that you can get the most out of your business whiteboard session or you’ll only end up wasting (your team’s) precious time and resources.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (15)

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (16)

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (17)15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (18)

Let’s discuss how to prepare and make your next team virtual whiteboarding session engaging and effective. We’ll also discuss common mistakes to avoid during virtual whiteboarding meetings and creative whiteboard setup ideas so your whiteboards aren’t only efficient but also beautiful.

9 Best Remote Team Whiteboarding Practices

1. Set SMART Goals

Every successful virtual whiteboard meeting starts with clearly defined goals. With so many ideas popping in, your team can get easily distracted and drift away from the topic. Setting SMART goals can help your team stay on track and stick to the goal behind your session.

What’s the key objective? Do you want to introduce a new product for an existing target market? Or are you looking to improve an existing product to cater to a different niche?

While setting goals, make them clear and specific. Let’s say you want to introduce a new product into the market. You’ll have to develop an agenda covering key aspects of product development. Once your team understands your goal, they can develop relevant and actionable ideas.

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  • Produce beautiful, effective marketing content quickly even without an extensive design skillset
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Sign up. It’s free.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (19)

2. Define Context and Prepare Ahead

Another way to ensure your meeting is productive and doesn’t go off the rails is by creating a detailed whiteboarding agenda. In your agenda, list the objectives you set earlier. Then compile a list of ideation topics you want to discuss and assign a time for each.

Get everyone up to speed on the ground rules and other general guidelines in about 3-5 minutes. Here are a few whiteboard setup ideas and ground rules to unlock ​the creative power of your whiteboarding session.

  • Generate as many ideas as possible
  • Feel free to build on the ideas of others
  • Encourage people to speak freely
  • Stay focused on the main subject
  • Don’t criticize other people's ideas
  • Encourage wild and out-of-the-box ideas
  • Assign a note-taker and a time-keeper
  • Make it visual

Check out the virtual whiteboard meeting agenda created with Visme. Notice how it clearly defines the goals, ground rules, selection criteria, meeting duration and other key information.

Made with Visme

3. List Participants and Assign Moderators

Assign a moderator to preside over the session and keep it on track. The moderator should be unbiased and possess the experience to steer the discussion towards a productive outcome.

Now that you’ve got a moderator, the next step is to select the participants. We recommend having about three to ten participants per group. Invite a diverse mix of people from different backgrounds, experiences and demographics. This will help provide an all-around solution to problems.

When selecting your participants, look for people who understand the problem at hand or are affected by it. Your team should have a mixture of experts on the subject and non-experts.

You’re probably asking why include non-experts. Professionals already have the burden of knowledge and expertise, so it may be difficult for them to move past their bias. They could make assumptions and fill in the gaps with what they already know.

Non-experts, on the other hand, are free from this bias. They aren’t afraid to ask silly or stupid questions or propose unconventional solutions.

4. Decide on Ideation Techniques

Whiteboarding is a great way to collaborate with your team and gather ideas or solve problems. Here are multiple use cases where it is effective.

  • Visual thinking: This involves organizing thoughts and learning new information by processing them through visuals. Studies have shown that capturing ideas visually trains the brain and boosts understanding of certain concepts.
  • Collaborative learning: Whiteboards support collaborative learning as they make it super-easy for people to participate, experiment, discuss concepts or find solutions to problems.
  • Gathering feedback: Teams or individuals can exchange ideas, documents, or products on an online whiteboard to receive constructive criticism in real-time.
  • Brainstorming: Want to develop groundbreaking ideas? If yes, then brainstorming techniques provide a framework for your meetings, spark creativity and ensure your ideas come to life. There are lots of effective brainstorming techniques to choose from, such as brainwriting, rapid ideation, starbursting, figure-storming, stepladder technique, etc.

Not sure what technique works best? We’ve discussed the different brainstorming techniques in this article. Take a look and see what works best for you.

5. Select a Suitable Whiteboard Tool

Whiteboard tools can make a difference in how productive your sessions are. That’s where Visme’s online whiteboard tool shines. The tool isn’t just a creative design platform. It comes packed with lots of features to help unlock your team's creativity, organize ideas and manage projects.

With our infinite canvas, the possibilities for your whiteboard layout are endless. You can tweak the canvas size to suit your needs or add multiple whiteboard slides to one project.

Project teams of all sizes can ideate and collaborate in real-time, leave comments and reactions, vote on ideas and share files. You’ll find easy-to-edit templates for creating workflows, mind maps, concept maps, wireframes, flowcharts, plans, sketches and more.

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (20)

Beyond its multiple meeting and customization options, Visme has a one-click presentation feature. You can easily present ideas during and after virtual team whiteboard sessions. Easily download, share, embed, or publish your whiteboard on the web. That way, you can ensure everyone is on the same page before starting your project.

6. Send out Invitations to Participants

The next step is to send out meeting invites to your participants via email, slack, or any other suitable communication channel. Your invite should notify team members about the date, time and location of the event. If you’re holding a virtual meeting, specify the platform you’ll be using and the meeting URL.

Be sure to include the agenda, the meeting guidelines you plan to use and any additional information participants should know ahead of the meeting.

No one wants to be caught off guard, so give your team at least 5-14 days' notice before the event if possible. Having this detailed information beforehand will give your participants ample time to prepare, research and develop awesome ideas.

7. Make the Session Productive

Now that you’ve got everything set for your meeting, it’s time to get started. To get your team’s creative juices flowing, stick to the rules we shared earlier. It also helps to create an enabling environment that supports ideation and knowledge sharing.

There’s a thin line between guiding your team and stifling creativity. While leading the session, make it interesting. Ensure everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas. The more enthusiastic your team members are, the better the ideas they’ll generate.

Here are other tips to energize your team and make your session productive.

Start with icebreaker exercises

Icebreaker exercises set the right tone, promote team building and ease the tension in the room.

For instance, ask your team members to share a personal story or solve fun trivia and quizzes. Also, you can get creative with fun games like "two truths and a lie," "one question guessing game" and "favorite animal game." Even a sprinkle of soft background music can promote creativity.

Change your scenery

Changing your environment can give you a creative boost, especially if you’re hitting a mental roadblock or getting stuck. Encourage participants to take a walk during intervals and change their environment.

Strengthen Every Voice

Sometimes virtual meetings produce monotonous ideas because only the most vocal participants dominate them. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Encourage every team member by applauding their ideas with positive comments or nodding your head to show you’re paying attention. These simple gestures will stimulate their enthusiasm.

Set a Timer

During the meeting, consider setting a timer as everyone shares their ideas. Having a time limit for each speaker will ensure everyone has time to share their ideas and that your meeting doesn’t exceed the allotted time.

Consider Break-out Sessions

Another way to ensure your ideation session doesn’t come up short is to break it into sub-groups of about 3-6 people. Each sub-group should spend about 10-15 minutes sharing ideas. Doing this will ensure even the quietest participants don’t go under the radar and that everyone is heard.

8. Wrap up the Session

Before you draw your meeting to a close, draw up a summary of the favored ideas from each group and any recurring themes. In addition, spotlight ground-breaking ideas, even if they garnered little votes.

Explain the next steps and how the ideas will be harnessed. We recommend having a strategy session with a smaller group to review, refine and select the best ideas from the pool of ideas.

9. Thank Participants and Ask for Feedback

At the end of the meeting, thank the attendees for their time and contributions. This gesture will create positive vibes, make them feel valued and inspire them to participate more actively in future meetings. Also, ask participants for feedback to help improve the outcome of future sessions.

10. Create a Whiteboard Presentation for Stakeholders

If feasible, create a whiteboard presentation with the session results. This is particularly helpful when you must show stakeholders what took place during the session they didn’t attend. If you need whiteboard presentation ideas, you can present your ideas using the Presenter tool.

Take advantage of the Visme analytics feature to track stakeholder views on the whiteboard presentation. When you set up the sharing options, add a password entry to the project for added security.

6 Virtual Whiteboarding Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when hosting virtual whiteboarding sessions.

1. Not Setting a Goal

For most people, goal setting may seem like too much of a hassle. But without a clear goal, your team whiteboard meetings may go off-topic and end up unproductive. When setting goals, please share them with participants and have them come prepared to collaborate.

2. Failing to Define Context or Plan Ahead

You need more than just setting your goals or expectations. If you don't set the stage, your team whiteboard session is already set up for failure.

It's important to define the subject and set the ground rules for your whiteboard session. Then explain how the session will run and other key information participants should know. All of this information should be included in your agenda and meeting invitation.

For example, if it's an ideation session, everyone participating should have a time limit for sharing ideas. You could also include breaks between sessions to boost creative thinking.

3. Using the Wrong Tool

You're probably thinking, "Why does this matter?" Well, there are lots of virtual team whiteboard tools available on the market. Investing in the right tool can ensure you have a seamless and productive whiteboarding experience.

Look out for whiteboarding tools that meet your unique needs and have features that can supercharge your team whiteboarding sessions.

For example, if you want to brainstorm, plan projects, map out ideas, visualize information, create charts and develop sales strategies, Visme has everything you need. The tool comes preloaded with easy-to-use templates for creating mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts, app wireframes, user personas, journey maps and more.

4. Not Managing the Time Effective

With so many professionals in the room, it can be tempting for speakers to go overboard or share excess information. Well, here’s the thing. When meetings exceed the allotted time, people easily lose focus and become agitated. Also, attention starts to wane and the ability to retain information decreases.

Make sure to allocate start and end times for each activity or speaker. Encourage speakers to be clear, concise and straight to the point.

5. Not Engaging the Audience

One of the common blunders facilitators or speakers make while leading whiteboarding sessions is not paying attention to the audience.

The thing is, whiteboarding sessions are supposed to be a collaborative activity. When you lead without engagements, it becomes boring and monotonous.

Be sure to strike a balance between presenting and interacting with your audience. For example, you can pause, ask, or take questions. Or bring up a series of ideas for participants to vote on.

This is where Visme’s whiteboarding software also comes in handy. The tool offers online hand-drawing capabilities, sticky notes, comments, shapes, arrows, emoji reactions and multiple participation channels. That way, everyone can participate in a more comfortable and productive way.

6. Lack of Visual Communication

Without visuals, your team whiteboarding sessions may not wield much power. Beautiful graphics, designs, colors and icons help explain and illustrate ideas and concepts.

However, while trying to switch up your whiteboarding meeting with cool visuals, don’t go overboard. Your canvas should be organized, clean and visually appealing. Otherwise, you risk having too much clutter, which can ruin the visual experience.

After Your Virtual Team Whiteboard Session

You've spent hours brainstorming and visualizing ideas with your team. Now it's time to turn the ideas into actions.

Start by summarizing the outcome of the sessions and what was agreed upon. Then draw up action items, assign them to people or departments and create a timeline for execution.

For example, let’s say you want to develop a new product. You’ll have to assign action items to research, product design, marketing, engineering and QA teams.

Pro Tip: In Visme’s whiteboard, you can tag team members to tasks and action items and add additional comments to provide more context. Team members can respond to comments, react and share feedback in real-time.

How to Use Visme for Your Next Team Whiteboard Session

Whether you’re brainstorming or sharing knowledge, Visme online whiteboard offers an intuitive and engaging experience with tons of features for real-time collaboration using an online whiteboard.

Here’s how to make the most of Visme’s online whiteboard tool:

1. Sign up for free to get started with your whiteboard session. This allows you to play around with our beginner-friendly user interface and view our wide range of whiteboard templates.

2. Create your whiteboard from scratch or select one of our pre-built templates. We’ve got tons of templates for planning and executive projects faster, from mind maps to concept maps to org charts to user journey maps and much more. Our templates will also spark creative whiteboard ideas for your sessions.

3. Beautify your whiteboard. Start drawing and adding content to your whiteboard using sticky notes, emojis, arrows, icons, shapes, charts, tables, images, animations and other whiteboard elements.

4. Add images and files. Easily link your resources to your whiteboard by embedding PDFs, charts, documents, spreadsheets and charts. Drag and drop images and interactive elements or upload your own to create a solid visual impression.

5. Collaborate in real-time. Get everyone on the same page by creating an online link and sharing it with your team. You can also download and share your whiteboard in JPEG, PNG, PDF, or HTML5.

6. Use Visme’s presentation feature to explain workflows and other complex project information;

7. Integrate with other tools. Visme helps you bring all your resources together in one place. The software supports integrations with third-party apps like Slack, Google Drive, Loom, HubSpot and others. Based on user input, we’ll keep introducing new integrations so you can get more out of your whiteboard.

Take Your Remote Whiteboarding to the Next Level

We’ve shared everything you need to get your whiteboard sessions started on the right foot, including valuable tips and stunning whiteboard templates.

When done right, whiteboarding sessions can help your company plan, manage and execute projects; develop breakthrough ideas; and visualize complex ideas.

Ready to level up your whiteboard session? Visme’s online whiteboard tool makes real-time ideation and collaboration super seamless.

Jumpstart your meeting with cool whiteboard designs, ready-made templates, maps and workflows that are catchy, intuitive and easy to edit. Use our wide variety of built-in graphics, free vector icons, stock photos, illustrations, backgrounds and characters to make your whiteboard stand out.

Bring your whiteboard ideas to life with Visme!

15 Team Whiteboard Templates to Help Execute Projects and Ideas (2024)
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