MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (2024)

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (1)

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (2)

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (3)

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (4)

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (5)

MEMO is the distraction-free notebook & wallet combination that is always with you to capture ideas, lists and to do's.

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (6)

Holds up to 6 cards

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (7)

RFID blocking

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (8)

6 inch whiteboard

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (9)

Built-in holder for the 0.8mm pen

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (10)

Helps you ideate without distractions

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (11)

Helps you keep track of tasks

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (12)

Helps you do anything you'd do on paper

Sale price$69.00

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Color: Charcoal Black

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MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (13)

iF Design Award
Winner 2024

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (14)

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet

Sale price$69.00
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Robert T.

What I really like is how the MEMO was made with precision. In addition, it looks great and professional, that I would be proud to pull out in public to use either in a coffee shop or future client. What fantastic about my MEMO is that it allows me to plan and see my daily agenda and focus on my studies and cross out what I have accomplished for the day.

Cathi Lee

The MEMO is made of strong, high quality, clean feeling materials. I carry it in my pocket and it still looks gorgeous and functions beautifully. I love having a simple and reusable mini whiteboard in my pocket for my daily agenda and weekly to-dos. My family and friends have complimented it too, and severalpeople I know want their own!

Lyn Bell

I absolutely luv the product, and the company was super helpful with updates on product and timing on when it would be in our hands. The only thing I could add would be offering different colored pens. (As long as it doesn’t add bulk to the already perfect size it is now. Lol)

meet MEMO

Your new, everyday companion for ideation, list keeping and dream chasing.

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (20)

mental clarity

MEMO's whiteboard feature provides a visual space to organize thoughts, ideas, and tasks, promoting mental clarity and enhancing productivity.

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (21)

focused note-taking

MEMO ensures focused note-taking, free from distractions of smartphones, tablets or traditional messy notebooks (that are too big to carry around).

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (22)

no limitations

Visualise your inner thoughts and inspirations without any limitations thanks to the unmatched experience of pen and whiteboard.

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (23)

safe everyday carry

With space for up to 6 cards and built-in RFID, MEMO is your premium everyday carry made from made from high-quality Aluminum 6063 Alloy.

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (25)

discover MEMO

You have a creative capability with you wherever you go.

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (26)

One of the most unique wallets ever to hit the market.

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (27)

Stay organized and achieve your goals in a new way!

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (28)

It just makes sense for people who constantly take notes.

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (29)

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (30)

durable & long-lasting

MEMO is made fromhigh-quality 6063 aluminum, a durable and long-lasting material that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. The aluminum construction provides a strong and reliable foundation for MEMO, including its RFID-blocking capability, which helps protect your cards from electronic pickpocketing.

In addition to its durability, MEMO is available in three sophisticated finishes -Charcoal Black, Slate Gray, andGilded Rose. The colors add a touch of style to MEMO's sleek and minimalist design.

the 3-in-1 wallet

MEMO consists of three main components. The whiteboard, wallet, and pen are all thoughtfully crafted to provide an exceptional experience, making it the ideal companion for your everyday writing & drawing needs.

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (31)

🗒️ The Whiteboard

MEMO’s heart is its whiteboard. It spans 6 inches diagonally,over A7 size. Useful in a lot of cases. Jot down ideas. Make a drawing. List your tasks. Note important reminders. The list goes on. Thealuminum whiteboardis special. Our special heat-curing whiteboard paint ensures smooth writing. No squeaky sounds. Remarkably easy to wipe away. It folds closed, making sure there isno smudgingandno staining. A reusable notepad and pen right in your pocket.

diving in details

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (32)

compact size

108 x 74 x 11mm
Easily fits in your pocket

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (33)

fine point pen

0.8mm Fine Point Pen (incl.)
Built-in Eraser

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (34)

creative canvas

6 inch of creative freedom
Does not smudge

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (35)

room for thought

Write notes, make lists
Always with you

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (36)

aluminum casing

Protects your cards
Blocks RFID signals

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (37)

six cards

Holds 6 cards
Plus 2 card sized receipts


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I love having something small and lightweight that I can easily access to write down thoughts and reminders.



I find it very useful. It replaced all my other note jotting stuff.


Tony M.

The versatility of the product. I use as a note taker and a wallet. Shame you can incorporate a key holder



MEMO just arrived, a practical thing of beauty

My MEMO is everything I read about it before buying.
It is beautifully designed, every detail has been honed to perfection.
The whiteboard is a good size and the pen/ eraser works perfectly.
Not a cheap option but great value for money.



Simple, tactile tools . . . I

like the idea of repurposing commonly-carried items for new use-cases!

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet (2024)
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