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Northport is a village on the North Shore of Long Island in New York. It is located in Suffolk County.


Northport used to be inhabited by the Matineco*cks, one of 13 Native American tribes residing on Long Island. The land that Northport sits on, known as Opcathontyche at the time, was sold to three Englishmen in 1656. Farming began on the land around the harbor and the area of became known as Great Cow Harbor. In the 19th century, shipbuilding began, which brought much growth to the city. By the 1830s, the city became known as Northport.

Get in[edit]

Northport (New York) – Travel guide at Wikivoyage (2)

Map of Northport (New York)

By car: There are many ways to enter Long Island.

From the north: The most common route is taking I-95 South to the Throgs Neck Bridge. From the Throgs Neck Bridge, take the Cross Island Parkway heading south, then take the exit for I-495/Long Island Expressway. From the LIE, take exit 53, then drive 3/4 mile down Deer Park Road, take a left at Elwood Road and drive about 3.5 miles until you come to Fort Salonga Road/Rt. 25A.

From the south: Take I-95 North towards towards the Goethals Bridge. Take the Goethals Bridge to I-278/Staten Island Expressway. Take I-278 through Staten Island to the Verrazano Bridge. Getting off the Verrazano Bridge, take the Belt Parkway heading east. Take the Belt to the Southern State Parkway. Stay on the Southern State Parkway, then get off at the Sagtikos Parkway exit. Take the Sagtikos until it turns into the Sunken Meadow Parkway. Get off at Exit 4W/Pulaski Road. Take Pulaski Road all the way to Larkfield Road. Take a right on Larkfield Road and drive straight down to Rt. 25A/ Fort Salonga Road.

By train: From NYC, take the Long Island Rail Road[dead link] out of Penn Station going to Port Jefferson.You may need to transfer at Huntington to get to Northport train station located on Larkfield Road, 2 miles south of downtown.

Get around[edit]

Northport does not offer much public transportation. Aside from a few buses, the best way to get around town is by car, although biking and walking are not bad alternatives. Everything is within a few miles' walking distance.


Northport contains various attractions for visitors, as well as normal residents. The main attraction of Northport is Northport Village located in the downtown area. The village, which is located on Main Street stemming from Rt. 25A to the Northport Harbor, is lined with popular stores, bars, and restaurants. At the end of Main Street is the Northport Harbor, where many boats are moored at Seymour's Boatyard. With the park and the dock, Northport Harbor is an extremely scenic and beautiful place to relax and socialize.


On a nice summer day, head down to Crab Meadow Beach located at the end of Waterside Rd. off of Rt. 25A. Great little beach to lay out and relax, or even bring the kids. When the weather isn't cooperating, see a musical at the John W. Engeman Theater on Main Street. Also, enjoy shopping on Main Street at the fine boutiques and shops.

Many historic homes line the streets of Northport Village. A short easy walk along Bayview Ave will allow views from the sidewalk of many beautiful Victorian and Circa homes as well as views of the harbor, Northport Bay, and the sunny village park.

Part of the Village Park, at the foot of Main Street, was the turn around for the trolley that ran up Main Street to connect with the railroad. Tracks are still visible, but only those who have visited all the pubs in one night are able to hear the trolley whistle.

During the summer, on Saturdays, there is a Farmer's Market in Cow Harbor Park. Visitors can buy local organic produce, seafood, baked goods, and ornamental plants and herbs. Later in the summer, there's fruit from local orchards. It is not unusual to hear live music in the park as well.

For a nice night out, the best choice is always downtown on Main Street. With the selection of bars and restaurants, it is an eventful place on weekend nights. The John W. Engeman Theatre is also very popular downtown to see a nice musical production. After that, Lic's Ice Cream is a great place for a scoop of Hershey's Ice Cream. Take a walk down the pier to relax or sit in the park and listen to music in the cabana.


  • Hipsters, 166 Main St, +1 631 757-3190. A small clothing store for middle and high school girls. Very neat fashion that girls love.
  • The Jewelry Collection, 75 Main St, +1 631 754-1116. A privately owned jewelry shop with an excellent selection of jewelry for women.
  • [dead link] Einstein's Attic, 155 Main St, +1 631 261-7564. A small toy shop on Main Street. It has everything from Legos to Kinects. Great little shop for children.
  • Flower Basket, 6 Laurel Ave. A friendly flower shop located right in town on Main Street.


The variety of restaurants in Northport allow for a good night out no matter the choice of food.

  • Benkei, 16 Woodbine Ave, +1 631 262-7100. A small, quiet Japanese restaurant located in Northport village. Benkei has great service and fantastic food. The price is consistent with most Japanese restaurants, but the food is worth every penny.
  • Sweet Mamas Good Kitchen, 9 Alsace Pl, +1 631 757-2095. Sweet Mamas has taken over the breakfast duties of Northport. This 1950s style diner is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with breakfast being the main attraction. The staff is friendly and the food is perfect the "most important meal of the day." Known for their signature breakfast dish, "The Little Mama"( 2 eggs, 2 pancakes, choice of bacon, sausage, or ham with toast and home fries), and "The Big Daddy" (2 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 slices of French toast, bacon, sausage and home fries), Sweet Mamas packs a serious punch in their menu and is the go-to breakfast diner.
  • Maroni Cuisine, 18 Woodbine Ave, +1 631 757-4500. Maroni Cuisine is a small Italian restaurant in downtown Northport. It has excellent food, along with great service and decor. The menu is quite pricey, but Maroni's makes up for it with fantastic entrees and appetizers.
  • Main Street Cafe, 47 Main St, +1 631 754-5533. A small restaurant and bar with lots of history and great food. Burgers at the Main Street Cafe are to be taken very seriously, as they pack a punch. With seafood appetizers, such as steamers and fried calamari, Main Street Cafe is a nice place to bring the family or just a friend to enjoy a nice meal on the town.
  • Lic's Ice Cream, 74 Main St, +1 631 757-9099. A small ice cream parlor serving Hershey's Ice Cream.


  • The Lark, 93 Larkfield Road, E., +1 631 262-9700. The Lark is a local bar located in East Northport. It is very popular among the young adults in town. It is geared for the younger crowd, but offers great food with beer on tap.
  • [dead link] Napper Tandy's Irish Pub, 229 Laurel Ave, +1 631 757-4141. Napper Tandy's, or "Napper's", as it is known around Northport, is by far the most popular bar in town. Whether it is showing football games, baseball games, UFC fights, or just having a normal weekend night, Napper's is always crowded. With every beer possible on tap and great food,especially the wings, Napper's is the place to be.
  • [formerly dead link] Changing Times, 526B Larkfield Road, E., +1 631 368-3255. Changing Times is a very popular bar in East Northport known for great specials and excellent buffalo wings. With a variety of beers on tap, Changing Times is packed during most sporting events, especially football on Sundays.
  • Skipper's Pub, 34 Main St, +1 631 261-3589. A popular bar with a seafood theme. Being at the end of Main Street near the water makes Skippers a great place to drink and eat.
  • Gunther's Pub, 84 Main St, +1 631 754-9659. Gunther's is a typical American style bar with beer on tap and finger foods to go with it. Very popular among people in their 20s.
  • 1 Sand City Brewing Co., 60 Main St, +1 631-651-2766, M-Th 3:30PM-9PM; F Sa noon-10PM; Su noon-7PM. Sand City is a local craft beer tasting room has a very laid back and fun atmosphere. They're dog-friendly too. (updated Sep 2017)


  • Hampton Inn, 680 Commack Road, Commack (About 15 minutes' drive), +1 631 462-5700. A nice hotel located right off the Long Island Expressway. $119.

Otherwise, see Huntington (New York)#Sleep, as Huntington Village is barely farther.


The Village of Northport can be contacted at: PO Box 1143, East Northport, NY 11731

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