Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 6, 2024. (2024)

Restored Republic via
a GCR: Update as of June 6, 2024

Thousands of children procured from
multigenerational Satanic families, were right now today being tortured and
killed under a US Military CIA Mind Control Operation according to a former CIA
Deep Cover Agent. See this June 2024
interview on the Michelle Moore Show:

US Presidents Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama, along with Nancy Pelosi and other Global and
Political Elites, appeared to be deep into a CIA child torture program through their
participation in pedophilia, human trafficking and Satanic Child Sacrifices
that linked to the music and film industries, NASA and international networks.

These sick
experiments on children
all began after World War II when what eventually became
the CIA, imported Nazi Mind Control experts into the US, Canada and Australia. Commonly
Satan worshipping parents sexually abused and tortured their own children in
preparation to sell them into the CIA program. That way nothing could be

The Satan worshipping

in their experiments on children from Concentration Camps, found that through
prolonged torture, thinking patterns of the developing brain of a child could
be permanently splintered into multiple personalities. Mind Control has been
depicted in movies as being perpetrated on adults, but children were the main
focus of CIA Mind Control. Only the developing brain of a child would splinter
into multiple parts. Using their very sophisticated methods the perpetrators
secured life-long power over their victims.

The purpose of the
CIA Mind Control Program that officially began in 1950 and was believed to
continue even today
(funded in full by US Taxpayer dollars under the CIA
Black Budget), was to create super spies, terrorists and assassins. Survivors
of the program say it involved International Child Kidnapping, Sex Abuse and
Torture using very sophisticated exploitation networks.

The formal CIA
program known as MKULTRA
consisted of 149 sub-projects, plus another 33 closely
related programs. There were 80 participating US and Canadian institutions
including 44 colleges and universities. All used children as their victims and
all were being funded by US taxpayers through a CIA Black Budget.

In 1964 after a
successful lawsuit by Mind Control Survivor Linda McDonald
(of the multigenerational
Satanic family hamburger franchise McDonalds), two Congressional inquiries (results
of which were never released to the public, with victim testimonies erased from
the Internet) supposedly ended MKULTRA – not true.

in the early 1900s the Deep State CIA formed a secretive alliance with
the Vatican
in order to infiltrate nations by controlling
the global banking system. JP Morgan Bank was a linchpin in the Deep State’s
financial control with ties to Pedophile Epstein Blackmail Operations and
involvement in global money laundering.

Vatican Bank was the center of money laundering operations

and also headed the International Child Sex Trafficking Ring. Plus the Vatican,
along with an organization which eventually became the CIA, had formed an
underground network to sneak the Nazis, including Hitler, out of Germany after World
War II.

Wed. 5 June 2024: Former CIA Deep Cover Agent
Claims Thousands of Children Were Still Being
Tortured and Killed in US Military CIA Mind Control Operations – and those
Satanic Rites were paid for by US Taxpayer monies:

“The CIA was the World’s most corrupt
government agency.
make the most money selling tons of Class A Drugs, do Child Sex Trafficking and
Weapons Trafficking. The word ‘Government’ in Latin translates to Mind Control.
These people have only been put in place to keep humanity under a Mind Control
spell while reaping the benefits as a worldwide criminal enterprise in disguise
as the ‘law.’” …The X Files on Telegram Wed.
5 June 2024

A. Trust the Plan: The U.S. government has been held hostage by
foreign operations and external interference in electoral processes.

Tues. 4 June 2024:
EVENT: The Devolution Plan and Continuity of Government! Military Coup Charges
Against Biden – The Whistleblower’s Call to Arms – Game Theory Operations –
Trust the Plan!

Since 2012 the Pentagon has
been involved in a Gain-of-Function research for the
Coronavirus, including transfer
of US funds to labs in Wuhan. Big Pharma made billions off the virus death

It has been alleged that the Biden Administration has ties to human trafficking
(specifically an International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome
Harvesting Ring run by the Vatican) and questionable dealings in foreign
countries like Ukraine.

Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from
Hell” gave Congress evidence
from confidential military documents ofpedophilia
and human trafficking
to Epstein, JP Morgan, Ukraine, biolabs, viruses, and intelligence agencies
like the
FBI and CIA,

US intelligence agencies of the
CIA, FBI and Department of Justice
covert manipulation and ‘backdoor’ control of Social Media such as Twitter and

The Deep State CIA, Mossad, MI6, Pentagon, Rockefellers and Rothschilds families, Obama
Administration, NATO, UN and DAVOS
orchestrated a grand scheme to launch chaos
around the World by controlling nations, governments and economies through
money laundering, cover-ups, corruption, treason and blackmail.

In the early 1900s the Deep
State CIA

formed a secretive alliance with the Vatican with the aim of infiltrating
nations by controlling a global banking system based on fiat currency.
Such gave them unprecedented control over the world’s economies and paved
the way for global money laundering operations that spanned decades.

Epstein pedophilia, sex
trafficking and blackmail of high-profile individuals
, including U.S. generals and
commanders, cemented the Deep State’s grip on intelligence and military

JP Morgan Bank was a linchpin
in the Deep State’s financial control
with ties to Epstein and involvement in
global money laundering.

Social media platforms were
tools of manipulation and surveillance
, while DARPA operations were instrumental in
advancing surveillance of the private citizen.

The Ukraine war was allegedly planned by the
CIA decades ago.

Trump, White Hats, and the Military Alliance:Behind the scenes, a
silent war is being waged by a coalition of patriots, including former
President Donald Trump and the military alliance. The Cheyenne Mountains hold
the keys to dismantling the deep state’s grip on power.

Subpoenas are being issued to
the world’s richest

and most powerful individuals, connected to institutions like Citigroup and the
Crown family.

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi,
Hunter Biden
, the Clintons and Obamas appeared to be interconnected through pedophilia, human
trafficking and satanic sacrifices linked to the music and film industries, NASA,
and international networks.

With the Devolution Plan Continuity of Government, JFK and Q military operations with Trump at the forefront, the world was on the
precipice of unprecedented revelations. It’s imperative to sift fact from
fiction, truth from deceit, but one thing is certain: The Storm is here, and it
will redefine our reality.

– Trump Coins, Badges, Stickers:

The so-called Trump Coins, Badges and
Stickers were NOT, as the advertising claimed, endorsed by Trump, Tucker
Carlson, Trump family members, the Trump Organization, or its affiliates.

Alan Garten, General Counsel to the Trump
Organization, stated:
“The Trump Organization has no affiliation
or association whatsoever with TRB products.
…They illegally use pictures
of Trump and others associated with Trump to sell their products. …They are
engaged in a scheme to deceive and scam the public. …We have launched our own
investigation and have shared information with federal law enforcement
agencies. …They have gone so far as to send emails falsely representing to be
from our employees.” …letter signed by Alan Garten March 2024

Judy Note: I have asked people to write me
( about their TRB experience and found from the hundreds
of emails received, (many involved over several years), not one has collected
the promised monies. All appeared to have been scammed from thousands of

Apparently for those years Chairman of the
now-bankrupt US Federal Reserve Jerome H. Powell
has been running this Scam that sells
so-called “Trump Gold Products,” promising huge returns.Fed Chair
Powell Heading Trump Gold Products Scam.

Sites on Telegram that advertise the TRB
appear to be run by
Zionist Deep State Globalists using fake IDs of well known persons connected to
Trump, or even use Trump’s name. If I find a site advertising TRB products I
erase it from my inbox. It’s easy to use someone else’s name for your Telegram
site. There are two sites that use my name of Judy Byington, yet I have nothing
to do with them and no control over the situation.

Patriots, TAKE ACTION: If you feel you have
been a victim
to a
scamit is recommended that you report such to your local law enforcement
and Business Bureau. If I were a victim of the TRB Scam, I would type up my TRB
experience including products bought and monies paid out, plus my contact
information and send an original notarized copy of my TRB write up to:Alan
Garten, General Counsel to the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization 725
Fifth Avenue, 26th Fl. New York NY 10022-2519 United States.

C. Timing

Sun. 9 June 2024 Black Swan Event when the Petrodollar comes to an end =
collapse of the Global Financial System. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.)
and JFK Jr. Official on Telegram
was no longer a need for nations to hold US Treasuries as the Global World
Reserve Asset in oil trade. The U.S. Treasury bond market is funded off the
World needing dollar reserves aka bank derivatives (off balance sheet dollars).
The Japanese Yen will hyper-inflate against their U.S. Treasury holdings. Japan
will be forced to liquidate all their dollars

In exactly
two months – Sept. 1 2024 –
greatest comeback in World History will unfold. Everything you’ve known and
seen will become perplexing. You won’t believe your eyes. America will erupt.
PATRIOTS WILL PREVAIL. AMERICA WILL TRIUMPH. The house of cards will collapse.
…The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram

D. Global Currency Reset:

Wed. 5 June 2024 Wolverine:

This is what I received this morning, and I will read it out to you so you will be
happy! Finally the shotgun was fired, a
figurative symbol to express the start or action that authorizes the liquidity
of the bond payments of the CMKX operation that open the RV/GCR. With D1 and D2
resources in addition to the Sovereign Funds, which were already assigned to
paying and managing accounts, but blocked until a few hours ago.

The authorization is for a global start, however Brazil must confirm the first duly
settled contracts in the next few hours. It is obvious that the recipients will
not be able to speak or reveal details. So if you are anxiously waiting for
your notification, don’t worry, your turn will come, the queue has started to

San Paulo has started to release this
, and I received
confirmation from various sources on this. Some of them are going to get an
advanced payment, and then next week they should get 1% payment.

Reno: Not hearing much in terms of currency at the moment. They are saying between today and Friday we are to get those notifications coming through.

Bond payments are getting paid. It is a bit of a slow process, so I may be
undergoing an NDA pretty soon. So when
that happens, I will not be able to talk, not be able to say anything. I am sure there are a lot of bond holders in
this room. This is great news!

It has started according to intel that came
through that has been confirmed by various people.

Mauricio is getting ready to go to Mexico. He is not saying anything, so him going
there for a celebration event, I assume, must mean, hopefully, he has received
his blessing.

I love you guys, and hopefully, tomorrow or
I might actually
sing an opera for you. Again, if I get that special call, I will set up an
emergency live call if I have something important to say, and obviously it will
be THE call, and then the rest comes through with the special video and
trumpets and the opera. Take care guys, Wolverine

On Mon. Evening 3 June 2024 the Iraqi Parliament finally passed their
budget with the new Iraqi Dinar International Rate in it. On Wed. 5 June 2024 the Iraqi Parliament sent the budget with the
new Iraqi Dinar Rate in it to the Gazette to be published.

Wed. 5 June 2024 Frank26: The international world is currently using
the new Iraqi Dinar international exchange rate right now.

Wed. 5 June 2024: In the
Pentecostal Group from Colombia,
a leader named Betzabe stated that the
project will be done totally in the next
few days.
“In the next few days I will have great news for all of us, and we are on track to finalize our
project completely, and I will comply with each of my promises, the God of
Israel permitting” … Liberty Lounger Extraordinaire, Helicopter Lady

4 June Bruce’s Source in Iraq spoke with PM Sidani
– he said rates on
Dinar were handed over and now were officially recorded.

Tues. 4 June AAGabriel: “The US four code
masters are waiting for the call
to put in the codes. Estimated two days to complete the remaining
funding transactions. The timing of when to send out notifications is up to the
readiness of the staff and the Redemption Center locations. Could be any day
now. Maybe Thursday 6 June 2024.”

Tues. 4 June Texas Snake: “Well folks, the information I have rec’ed
today indicates a number of the large bondholder paymasters have been invited
to Reno to begin exchanging their bond portfolios over the next 24 to 48 hour
window. We are then scheduled to begin
receiving notification to begin scheduling appointments. I have this info from three sources and am
waiting confirmation from the banker.

Mon. 3 June 2024 TNT Tony: “All banks were on
HIGH, HIGH alert starting Sunday night 2 June through Thursday morning 6 June.
They said by Thursday morning. Banks have pending rates and some are saying we
are waiting right now to be notified
of the release of the 800 numbers. The Federal Reserve said they were called in
on Mon. 3 June to be at their desks.
They are passing out money in Iraq and activating projects.

Mon. 3 June MarkZ: “The Iraqi Parliament
passed the budget today.
Folks are geared up for this
week. I have been told by a number of them that they are ready and positioned.”

As of 30 May 2024 States can legally obtain
their own gold backed currency and bypass the Federal Reserve.

E. Global Financial Crisis:

The Fed Quietly ‘Admits’ Gold
Is Replacing The Dollar As Collapse ‘Fear’ Predicted To Trigger A $15.7
Trillion ETF Bitcoin Price Flip.
Remember that the Deep State were not able to
launch the CBDC so they are now hovering over Bitcoin as a replacement: not
using an anonymous blockchain ledger. Dollar (Illegal Tender) is worth zero
when ratio’d against gold/silver so all non-asset-backed fiat dollars result in
negative balance reducing back until no fiat dollars exit. This was the
currency of the bankrupt Corporation via the foreign Federal Reserve. US Dollar Collapse Bitcoin Gold Flip Dual

FDIC Warns 63 Lenders Brink of
Insolvency ($517 Trillion Losses):

Fri. 30 May 2024 BOOM!
Let the Decentralization of Bank Power Begin – Bank of America Loses Big: SCOTUS
Upholds Dual Banking System

Wed. 5 June 2024: Turkey’s
Ambitions to Join BRICS: Turkey’s Central Bank Made Headlines by Becoming the
Largest Gold Buyer in April, Adding 8 Tons to its Reserves

Wed. 5 June 2024: BOOOM!
US Debt Clock Exposé: Parallel Worlds – The Fauci Conspiracy, A Plan Unfolded –
Silver’s Explosive Surge, and the Dark Web of Economic and Social Manipulations

F. The Real News for Wed. 6 June 2024:

Wed. 5 June 2024: Look to the Sky –
Chemtrails still being sprayed across the Globe.
The aluminium in Chemtrails have been found
to be a direct link to environmental damage, Alzhiemer’s and Autism. Oregon
residents reported paint on their cars chipping because of the massive
Chemtrails being sprayed daily.

Wed. 5 June 2024 Georgia Court Suspends Trump

Wed. 5 June 2024 Military Occupation, Derek

Tues. 4 June 2024 Situation Update: WTPN SITUATION UPDATE 6/4/24

President Barack Obama murdered American
citizens with drone strikes

under the excuse of “terrorism.” He was never charged or convicted
for these crimes. The International Criminal Court never charged him.

Epoch Times Executive Accused of Laundering
$67 Million.
Guan was charged with three counts in a scheme that the Justice Department said
caused revenue to surge for the company, which has promoted Donald Trump.

Wed. 5 June 2024: Bombshell! Hunter Biden’s Infamous Laptop
Enters Court as Evidence for Gun Charges Trial — FBI Agent Confirms its
Authenticity – The Gateway Pundit

Wed. 5 June 2024 Claudia Sheinbaum (New President of Mexico) IS A CIA PLANT.


Tues. 4 June 2024 Situation Update: Situation Update: The Event! US Troops To
Taiwan! Over 60 Banks Failing! Biden Blames Open Border On GOP! CV19 Revealed
To Be A US Gov Project Compared To Holocaust!

Wed. 5 June 2024: Bombshell! Hunter Biden’s Infamous Laptop
Enters Court as Evidence for Gun Charges Trial — FBI Agent Confirms its

G. International Child Sex
Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and
housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between
the Vatican and Jerusalem:

Wed. 5 June 2024: Former CIA Deep Cover Agent
Claims That Thousands of Children Were Still Being Tortured and Killed in US
Military CIA Mind Control Operations – and those Satanic Rites were paid for by
US Taxpayer monies:

H. Covid/Vax/Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/
Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride,
Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

Tues. 4 June 2024 Congressional Hearing: Fauci sent taxpayer dollars to dangerous
labs in Wuhan, China without reviewing the grant proposals. Rep Cloud TX:
“Your name is on every single grant, yet you absolve yourself of any sort
of responsibility.”

Wed. 5 June 2024 France has provided photos of children who
needlessly died from Covid vaccinations.

One billion reasons to get rid of the Deep
State Cabal.
million people becoming disabled and 28.6 million vaccine-injured people are
often missing work due to chronic illness.

Those who suggest that the Gain of Function
“Moratorium” enacted under the Obama Administration
was anything other than a smoke-screen to
silently, and partly off-book, continue US taxpayer funded bioweapon
development in violation of multiple US-recognized international treaties …
have not done the proper level of reading required to voice opinions on the

I. Wars and Rumors of Wars:

Wed. 5 June 2024 June 5 – Rothschild’s Third Masonic-Jewish
World War is Starting |

Biden Administration expected to announce new $225 million
weapons package for Ukraine this week.

J. Hitler Didn’t Die: Since
, the FBI and MI6 have released dozens of secret documents regarding
the search for Hitler after WWII. The government has spent millions for its
search in South America, North Africa & the Canary Islands. Skepticism
about Hitler’s Death: The official narrative states that Hitler and Eva Braun
committed suicide in April 1945,
with Soviet forces claiming to have recovered Hitler’s remains. However, a
genetic test on the skull of Hitler revealed that it belonged to a 35-year-old
woman. Escape to South America: In 1955
the chief of the CIA’s Western Hemisphere Division (WHD) received a secret memo
with the subject line “Operational: Adolf Hitler,” from the CIA station chief
in Venezuela that contained proof Hitler was still alive in South America.

K. Three Illuminati Pyramids of Power owned
by the Rothschilds: White House US Inc, City of London Buckingham Palace Royal
Crown and Vatican White, Black and Gray Pope:
Remember the two black horses and one white horse with
the black umbrella in the parade when Rothschild died? Do you think it
symbolized that the representative of the City of London financial control had
fallen? And the White Pope just might have a terrible May, with the Vatican
Cityreligious control falling. And that only leaves DC military control
which President Trump will soon take over. We have to remember that Trump is
really still Commander In Chief (CIC). They are high up the food chain but they
are not the head of the dragon. The battle isn’t over, it has just begun.
…Princess Diana on Telegram Wed. 5 June

L. Wed. 5 June 2024: Russia has discovered
huge oil reserves in British territory inAntarctica.
The reserves uncovered contain around 511
billion barrels worth of oil, equating to around 10 times the North Sea’s
output over the last 50 years. Despite having no territorial claims in
Antarctica,Russia, along with the U.S. and China, has been gradually
escalating its presence in the region in recent yearsthrough various
scientific campaigns, establishing five research stations in the territory
since 1957. Antarctica is governed byThe Antarctic Treaty, first signed
on December 1, 1959, which states that no single country owns the territory and
designates the region as a continent devoted to peace and science, meaning all
oil developments in the area are prohibited.

R. “Pedophilia &
Empire: Satan Sodomy and the Deep State”
“The United Kingdom – The World’s Pedophilia Epicenter” By Joachim

The ruling elite
controlling this planet
are largely comprised of pedophiles and pedophile
enablers. Following the money explains why the world’s deepest pockets are
invariably linked to so much war, illega trafficking of weapons, drugs, human
organs, children and laundered tillions. luminati bloodine families like the
Houses of Windsor and Rothschild are notoriously in deep in all of these most
sordid criminal activities.

Meet the only non-executive
director of the BBC’s new executive board – the Barclay Bank chairman
until 2012 and current
British Bankers Association head Marcus in Agius. He was married to Edmond de
Rothschild’s daughter Katherine 303 Barclays Bank and is the most important
shareholder in the NM Rothschild bank as well as the Lazard Brothers. Agius is
also on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group and on the advisory
board of the City of London, where the queen’s Rothschild money is secured.
With his extended Illuminati family sharing connections to the Knights of
Malta, the Jesuits Catholic Maltese lineage paternally and Jewish Cabbalist
roots maternally, as BBC’s first non-executive director until 2012,304 Marcus
Agius was the Rothschild fixture controlling the BBC and all its director
general pawns like Mark Thompson to ensure the pedo-web is covered-up and only
nice things get said about Israel.

Incidentally, in early 2012 when the crumbling cracks
of the BBC scandal were rapidly spreading, Agius was caught fixing derivative
rates in a separate fiasco of his own making called the Libor fixed rate
scandal that led to his Barclays resignation.

Hypocrite BBC publishes a headline “Libor
Scandal: Can we ever Trust Bankers Again?” while Agius was senior
non-executive director on the BBC executive board.

The article actually quotes

who greedily violated the law but was never arrested. Yet to hear it from him,
he was the long-suffering victim in all his pretentious moral outrage…
unbelievable: I was sick to my stomach because I realized just what an
appalling thing it was and I realized what a serious implication it would have
for the bank.

A more apropos question is can we ever trust Agius
or the BBC again, because based on their histories, the answer for both would
be a definite no, never. After all, they not only represent the Cabal, they are
the Cabal.

Speaking of untrustworthy
and also unprosecuted
along with Agius, JP Morgan-Citibank’s Jamie Dimon was also among the biggest
Libor violating crooks but paid a $13 billion bribery fine to buy off his
criminal probe.

As a tight-knit crony of
both Obama and Rahm Emanuel
, Rahm fixed JP Morgan’s $16 billion bailout at taxpayer
expense during the Wall Street 2008 housing bubble crisis. Compliments of Agius
and Barclays “advisor” Jeb Bush, Lehman Brothers was taken over by
Barclays Bank assisted by another $8.5 million US tax dollars padding the
Barclays coffers.

Of course just like the
Americans’ near $29 billion bailout
, the UK government had British taxpayers
coughing up a staggering £850bn in its boondoggle bank bailout.

You see where all this is

With total impunity, a predatory inner less-than-human clique of pedo-vampires
and cannibals get to both literally and financially feast off the lifeblood of
humanity and our children. And it goes without saying that Mark Thompson and
Marcus Agius as two powerful Cabal agents serving their bloodline masters are
in very tight with one another, not only sharing similar first names and
prominent Jewish wives, but both are also Jesuit trained Catholics, thus in
boldface connection with every demonic pedo-dot conceivable. 812 See why the
cabal saved Thompson’s ass from the BBC sh*tstorm?

The BBC rot at the top only

with its Trust chairman Lord Chris Patten from 2011-2014. The former
Conservative MP and minister in the pedo-saturated Thatcher cabinet threw his
BBC line managers under the bus, describing their behavior amidst the Savile
crisis as “frantic faffing about,” claiming they misled him, thus
strategically absolving himself of bearing any responsibility despite being
Trust chairman since May 2011, a half year before Savile’s death and a full 16
months ahead of the Savile fallout.

The tax paid €3M Pollard Report investigated the reasons
why the Newsnight segment exposing Savile right after his death was pulled by
BBC management (that Agius, Patten and Thompson all headed) from its December
2011 airing in favor of a pair of already planned holiday Seville tributes.

The Pollard Report was also a whitewash
refusing to get to the bottom of who actually pulled the plug pretending it was
for bogus editorial reasons when it clearly was not, instead of revealing the
truth, the Pollard report bogusly concluded the decision not to run the story
was made “in good faith” and that no evidence indicated that BBC management
attempted to suppress the story.

Beginning with the dire family
austerity and impoverishment that typically give way to the overreaching
authoritarian UK family court system, secretly exploiting families and forcing
hapless British kids into residential placement or foster care often far from
home in a national care system that delivers the farthest thing from genuine

Children have virtually
forever been helplessly trapped
in a multi-tiered system set up to fail and
harm them at every turn, starting with rampant sexual abuse at their care homes
only to be farmed out and trafficked by organized pedophile rings, too often
ending up raped and sodomized by their nation’s most powerful beasts atop the
predatory food chain entrusted to deliver the very “care” system that
is systematically failing and destroying them, and has been operating this way
for well over a half century.

Moreover, as a national
policy to ship unwanted British children off to Australia, New Zealand, Canada,
South Africa, and what’s now Zimbabwe
for further abuse is unconscionable, yet
leave it to the world’s pedo-epicenter to perpetrate this despicable crime
against 150,000 youth for centuries up to1974.

The UK Care System is
arguably the most egregious
, most heinous institutionalized mind f… ever put on
innocent kids imaginable. With the average “shelf life” of trafficked
child sex slaves only two years, this lethal cycle of abuse invariably involves
drug addiction, plied throughout by pimping perpetrators at every level for
obvious control purposes.

At any point along this death
trap road
young people attempting to escape the system go missing, and the growing number
exceeding 10,000 each year alone in Britain only find themselves preyed upon as
runaway rent boys and girls aging out of the system at 18 if they even live
that long.

With Jon Snow citing 23
years ago that 75% of kids leaving the system have no educational
it’s far worse now with dropout rates rising all the time.

Both minors and young

without formal education or legitimate means of self-support, prostitution
becomes an all too common fate for survival, followed by early death by murder,
disease or suicide, whichever comes first. And with estimates of 11 million
sexually abused British citizens out of a total population of near 67 million,
one in four women and one in six men in the UK are the walking wounded.

With human slavery and

reaching an unprecedented, off the chart scale across this pandemic globe,
unless we citizens of the world do something now to change this ungodly bottom
line reality, the child raping Luciferians in control may destroy us all.

Robotics,automation ,
trans-humanism and artificial intelligence
are making over 90% of us useless eating
humans obsolete, of his so just as the queen’s husband’s wet dream is to kill
us off as a contagious virus, the rest of his planetary controlling ilk want
nearly all of us dead. As repeatedly mentioned, their genocidal war against
humanity being fought right now is down to either us or them. Marked in the
murdering criminal’ crosshairs, we the peace-loving citizens of the world have
the right to defend ourselves and our children by holding them accountable for
all their countless atrocities and crimes against humanity.

Over recent years and
decades, the tragically common fate of sexually abused children has befallen
millions worldwide

and with the sex slave industry currently at an all-time shameful high in
recorded history, its high time we stewards of the earth finally begin
protecting our most precious resources, starting with our children from the
monsters who for millenniums have ruled over and are fast destroying our only
living habitat. Since today we know more about the pedophilia scourge than at
any previous time in human history, the profiteers behind our fiat, debit-based
economic slavery system our perpetual state of war and our world’s sixth mass
life extinction, the first one whose known cause is the deranged subhuman
species in control.

Before the real hom*o
sapiens perish
the hands of these bloodthirsty cannibals, it’s urgent take decisive action to
employ organizations like the International Tribunal for Natural Justice
(ITNIJ) to learn more from the victim-survivors and ascertain the extent of
global child abuse,2687 Leading to truth and reconciliation commissions
to hold those most guilty criminals at the very top fully accountable. The
bottom line – at this ever-late hour, again it‘s literally down to either us or

For our own self
a human species we must fight our identifiableenemy now! Tomorrow may be
too late.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 6, 2024. (2024)
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