Catholic Church Near Seatac Airport (2024)

1. St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Burien, WA USA

  • Moved by the Holy Spirit, we love God, love others and live the Gospel of Jesus. Our Parish and church are located four miles from SeaTac airport in Burien or

  • Moved by the Holy Spirit, we love God, love others and live the Gospel of Jesus. Our Parish and church are located four miles from SeaTac airport in Burien or Seahurst, Washington.

2. St. Thomas Catholic Church

  • Bulletin · Parish Forms · Staff · Our Parish

  • Click here for printable Mass Schedule

3. parish finder - Archdiocese of Seattle

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  • Parish Finder Parishes People Offices & Ministries Find a Parish results Clear All Saints, Puyallup, 98371 503 3rd St. SWPuyallup, WA 98371 253-845-7521 Assumption, Seattle, 98115 6201 33rd Ave.Seattle, WA 98115-7306 206-522-7674 Blessed Sacrament, Seattle, 98105 5041 9th Ave. NESeattle, WA, 98105 206-547-3020 Christ Our Hope, Seattle, 98101 1902 2nd Ave.Seattle, WA 98101-1155 206-448-8826 Christ…

4. St. Philomena Parish, Des Moines, WA


  • CHAPEL HOURS, 0600 - 2200 Daily ; OFFICE LOCATION, Adjacent to Meditation Room Room MT 6038 M · SEA-TAC International Airport SEATTLE Wa 98158-1262 U.S.A. ; OFFICE ...

  • Tuesday 1200 Employees Bible Studies Special arrangements may be made for special groups if prior advice given

6. Our Lady of Lourdes, Seattle, 98168

  • 14 nov 2019 · Address. 10243 12th Ave. S · Seattle, WA 98168-1525 ; Mailing Address. PO Box 69206, Seatac, WA 98168-9206 ; Phone 206-735-7598 ; Email

  • November 14, 2019

7. Best 30 Catholic Churches in Seatac, WA with Reviews - Yellow Pages

8. Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room | Port of Seattle

  • Open from 4 a.m. to 12 a.m., Open 24 hours, Open 24 hours. Hotels Near SEA Airport ...

  • Welcoming people of all faiths and beliefs Please be respectful of all occupants. Enter and exit in a quiet peaceful manner. Please reserve all conversations for outside this space. Foods, drinks, resting, or sleeping are prohibited. Shoe storage is provided in this room. There is no water access within the space. Restrooms are available on the concourse level. This space is being monitored by security cameras. Contact ACC at (206) 787 - 7233 to report any issues.

9. Catholic Community Services of Western Washington: Homepage

  • Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services of Western Washington are outreaches of the Catholic Church in Western Washington. ... Seattle, WA 98144

  • Serving People of All Beliefs Find Services by Category Child, Youth & Family Services Housing Mental Health Services Services for Seniors & People with Disabilities Shelter & Homelessness Services Specialized Services Substance Use Disorder Treatment Find Services by Area Clallam, Jefferson & Kitsap Counties Grays Harbor & Pacific Counties King County Kitsap County Mason, Thurston

10. St. Jude Catholic Church - Opening Hours, Reviews & Photos [2024]

  • ... Catholic Church on Trip ... Jude Catholic Church. 10526 166th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052, United ... SeaTac Airport | Downtown Portland Coffee & Donut Tour | Mt.

  • Discover St. Jude Catholic Church in King County! See updated opening hours and read the latest reviews. Discover nearby hotels and dining for a perfect trip. Plan your visit to St. Jude Catholic Church on

11. Holy Rosary Catholic Church | Seattle, WA

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  • Holy Rosary Catholic Church in West Seattle, Washington

12. Holy Redeemer Catholic Church: Photos, Map & Reviews [2024]

  • Holy Redeemer Catholic Church. 11824 10th Ave SW ... SEATAC intl' | The 1975 are on tour in Seattle ... Airport Transfer Arrival & Departures (outer city) ...

  • Discover Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in King County! See updated opening hours and read the latest reviews. Discover nearby hotels and dining for a perfect trip. Plan your visit to Holy Redeemer Catholic Church on

13. Find Catholic Mass Times in Seattle | Mass Finder

  • Daily Mass Times Mon-Friday 8 am, 12:10 pm. Tuesday 5:30 pm. Saturday 8 am. 206-284-4680. Church Info Directions to Church · St. Alphonsus Parish - Seattle, WA.

  • Search and find Mass times in Seattle. Weekend Mass schedule, daily Mass times, church locator, address, phone, confession and Adoration.

14. Seattle archdiocese to consolidate Catholic parishes as crowds ...

  • 5 feb 2024 · Seattle's Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church ... SeaTac airport braces for busiest travel day so far of… Three lanes ...

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Catholic Church Near Seatac Airport (2024)


What time is the Holy Rosary Mass in Seattle? ›

Mass Time REQUIRED Saturday, 5pm Sunday, 8:30am Sunday, 10:30am Daily Mass, 8:45 am, Wed/Thu/Fri Daily Mass, 6:00 pm Tuesday.

Can you go to Catholic church without being Catholic? ›

People of all faiths are welcome to attend Mass in a Catholic Church. Non-Catholics are welcome to be present for the celebration, but only Catholics in a state of grace are able to receive Holy Communion during Mass.

Are you always Catholic if you are baptized Catholic? ›

The Catholic Church honors baptism as a sacrament that may be validly received even in Christian communities and traditions that are not Catholic. Therefore, we never re-baptize those who have already received a valid baptism.

How long does a rosary Mass last? ›

The recitation of the Rosary, which lasts about twenty minutes, may be led by a family member or, if desired, by the Priest, Deacon, or Pastor's designee.

What is the best time of the day to pray the Rosary? ›

Some people prefer to pray the Rosary first thing in the morning, after they wake up. Other people prefer to pray the Rosary at night, right before they go to sleep. You can also pray the Rosary during your lunch break or on your commute to work or school.

Can you be Catholic but not Roman Catholic? ›

There are many Catholics in the East who are not Roman Catholics, such as Maronite Catholics, Ukrainian Catholics, and Chaldean Catholics. These are all in communion with the pope, but they are not members of the Roman rite, so they are not Roman Catholics. The Roman rite is not stricter than these other rights.

Am I Catholic if I was baptized but not confirmed? ›

Catholics who were baptized but never received Confirmation and/or Eucharist also participate in a period of formation. This process of formation is completed with the reception of the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion often at the Easter Vigil or during the Easter Season.

Can I baptize my child Catholic if I am not? ›

Baptism is the sacrament of initiation into the Church. Bringing children into the family of God, the Church, requires parental consent, even if one parent is not a Catholic. The non-Catholic parent can have a part to play in the baptismal ceremony and is free to choose the extent to which he or she is involved.

What not to do on Sunday Catholic? ›

The Sunday Rest . . .
  • The Church commands all Catholics to keep Sunday holy—not merely to attend Mass. ...
  • The following are generally considered to be servile works: plowing, sowing, harvesting, etc.; sewing, lawn mowing, cobbling, tailoring, printing, masonry work, etc.; all work in mines and factories, etc.

When should you not genuflect? ›

When the Blessed Sacrament has been removed to the altar of repose on Good Friday, we do not genuflect before the empty tabernacle.

What is the first thing you do when you enter a Catholic church? ›

Entering a Catholic Church

The first thing you'll see people doing is dipping their finger in some water and crossing themselves. This water has been blessed by a priest, and is called "holy water." Crossing yourself is done quite often by Catholics, so you should make sure you know how to do this.

What time is the Rosary on EWTN daily? ›

PDTSun 05/26Tue 05/28
7:30 PM
45 more rows

Should you pray the Rosary at Mass? ›

Q: Is it proper to say the rosary during mass? A: There is no offense to God in saying the rosary during part of the Mass. Christians were encouraged to say the rosary during mass when mass was still in Latin, and thus the readings were difficult to understand for most people.

What Catholic churches are closing in Seattle? ›

MAY 30, 2022 – After more than a year of strategic planning, Archbishop Paul D. Etienne issued three decrees for parishes in Seattle, which will take effect on July 1, 2022. Specifically, the parish of Our Lady of Mount Virgin will be closed, while St. Mary Parish will be merged into St.

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